My restaurant website is not reachable?

Issue: I can not access the restaurant website and webmail?

There could be a variety of reasons why the restaurant website is not reachable. We plan website maintenance during non-business hours and notify you. However, there might be temporarily unavailability that should only last no more than a few minutes. If the website is down for over an hour, there are more serious issues that need to be addressed.

Here are the potential reasons behind the issue and troubleshooting steps:

(1) WIFI:

Test for a reliable wifi connection.

Go to and few other websites like,

If you are not able to access, contact your IT support to check WIFI connection.

(2) IP Blocking:

If you have multiple failed logins to your webmail, the web server blocks your IP. This is a security feature on website to block potential hacker access.

Check the website from mobile phone with mobile internet. Mobile internet will have a different IP from the computer. Alternatively, check from a computer from a different location altogether.

Check the IP of the computer by going to You will see a number like Copy that number and send an email to to initiate an IP unblock with server and whitelist it.

(3) Web server:

Our hosting web servers have a 100% network uptime. Though, we may experience website slowness due to temporary web traffic or server load. Let our support team know if the condition persists.