When happens when an offer is discontinued or updated?

When an offer is either discontinued or updated, there is a series of steps to ensure that the discontinued offer or old offer is no longer promoted.

Here are the steps.

  • Update offer graphics with the offer details and upload to the media gallery.
  • Update the new offer in the offer page and activate it.
  • Deactivate any old offers.
  • Revise an scheduled campaigns on social media, email and other marketing channels
  • Update website specials page. This should be automatic if we are using the website integration code. Otherwise this needs to be done manually.
  • Update online ordering menu if the offer is on the specials and deals section.
  • Update local directories if they have been published.
  • Delete photos of old promotion from the facebook page
  • Finally, train restaurant staff that offer has been updated to communicated properly with customers.