Our FAQ section might be able to answer most non-urgent matters, please have a look!

Support Portal

The first step to register your restaurant on the NGAZE marketing platform is by clicking on thedigitalrestaurant.com/signup or visit our website and click on the button that says "signup." First, type the name of your restaurant. The system will automatically begin to show you a list of matches. Then, choose your restaurant name from the drop-down. If you do not find the name of your restaurant, select the option at the end of the list that says “Not found what you are looking for?” After finding your restaurant, you will need to provide a username and email for your account. Then, mark a check on the privacy policy checkbox. Once you’re finished, click on the “create account” button. Type in the email address that you are going to use for your business. Click the privacy policy checkbox. Then select "create account." Once finished, check your email inbox for the verification email. If you use gmail, make sure to check the spam folder. It provides you with link for the digital platform. Then, click on the link that says “login to NGAZE”. Type in the user email which was entered and password of your choice. This will direct you straight to the platform.

Our Support Center is set up to keep your restaurant up and moving at all times. Our team is on hand to help, advise and support you when you need us. Please contact us on support@thedigitalrestaurant.com and we will work through your issue as fast as possible. We have dedicated support channels to help answer any questions or problems you might have.

Yes, we provide you with a ticket number on your email whenever you reach out to us. You can view the progress online of your ticket.

We offer dedicated customer support via email, no matter what your package is. We can also schedule a phone call or email us @ support@thedigitalrestaurant.com.


Adding social media icons to your website is a good way to connect and engage with your customers. Doing so also allows you to get their feedback in an informal way and share any current offers and promotions. These buttons allow direct navigation to existing social network accounts and time-consuming searches.

The simplest way to integrate social media profiles to the Ngaze platform is to add in the links. You can send the link to us and we will integrate the social sites for you.

You completely do! The entire data on website is accessible to you and it has all customer information which includes e-mail addresses, past orders, sales behaviour.

Yes we can change the website looks. We have experienced copywriters who can take basic information and turn it into engaging SEO friendly text for your website.

Yes, we can. We have a team of professionals who take basic information and turn content into engaging SEO friendly text for your website.

Yes, you can track links into your campaigns and see what visitors do on your website after they click through a campaign. We share the Google Analytics to track the conversions from your campaign, see the path visitors take through your site, and optimize your website content. Periodically we are sharing the analytics report with you.

Website integration is to bring in data or information from one application platform into another, thereby creating a robust and powerful experience with your software. This can help streamline processes, import and sync contact information, create automated follow-ups. The flexibility of integrations provides several elegant solutions and the possibilities are endless.

Google Posts is a feature that allows people and businesses to create content directly on Google which appears highly ranked in Google search results for their names. Google Posts are free ads, with some limitations—while you can't target specific types of users, anyone who sees your Maps listing will be able to see posts you've created within the last seven days.

Marketing Platform

A promotion has 2 parts, an event and an offer. An event is a calendar day related to a holiday or sporting events such as NHL, Superbowl etc. An offer is created by the business to promote during these events with the goal of attracting attracting, engaging for converting leads to customers.

The process of adding an offer for your restaurant involves 2 steps.

  1. Name and details of the offers, e.g. half-off pizza
  2. Creating a picture/graphics for the offer

Access the NGAZE marketing platform and click on the dashboard, followed by clicking on + sign which denotes new on the top right-hand side. Write the name of the offer, add the details of the offer followed by adding tags and adding a pic/ graphic for the offer. You can then choose the date and time period you need to schedule for. After adding the offer, activate the offer by clicking active and publish.

Adding an event to marketing promotion can be done in 3 ways:

1) Create a single event by clicking on the new button,

2) Create a list of events from a CSV file by clicking the upload button

3) Copy events from the available templates by clicking on the select button

Select an offer for each event from the offers dropdown. Note that the offers have to be created first to attach the offer to the event.

To send an email campaign for an event with an offer, click on the + button. Select a list to send to, edit the message, select the time to send (at least 30 mins ahead) and click the schedule button.

  • On your marketing platform, click on the dashboard > active offers.
  • Click the name of the offer to edit.
  • On the right sidebar menu, click the action icon against the offer.
  • Click edit item and do the changes required. You can edit the name of the offer, details of the offer, or edit the picture.
  • When you're done, click  valid from to Valid till date and click on Submit.

The GDPR lays out a range of requirements related to consent, individual rights, and data processing.  The GDPR is intended to protect the privacy of data subjects, which includes minimizing the risk that data can be misused. Thus it makes sense to delete unsubscribed contacts you no longer use, to reduce risk.

Online Ordering

The process is the same, click on the offer and do the changes by clicking on the green button below active and the changes can be edited followed by submitting the offer.

For adding to the menu, please forward a soft copy with all details, pics, pricing to us.

Forward all billing related disputes of incorrect charging to us @ support@thedigitalrestaurant.com and we will come back to you in 48 working hours.

Coupons are created for the promotions to be done for a specific period. You will have to send us an email on support@thedigitalrestsurant.com. Forward us the name of code followed by a description, start date and expiry date, a number of times the code can be used by the customer.

The restaurant customers signup for rewards program in multiple ways:

  • Website Optin Popup - when online visitors visit the restaurant website page, a optin pop is presented after 10 seconds, which the user signs up
  • Website Rewards page - there is a rewards page on the website that users can visit to signup
  • Rewards Tablet - Customers can checkin on the rewards tablet installed at the restaurant
  • Mobile app - Customers can checkin on their mobile phone with a code provided by the restaurant

Yes. Put your modifiers in any order and add the choices, and the quantity to be selected for any item. Simply add the name followed by the description, price, size and options for the toppings. In addition, our system provides unlimited modifiers for products and lets you control. We can easily set up a three topping pizza or build your own salad while controlling all modifiers for all menu items.

You can update a contact’s name, email address, name. contact number from their contact profile page. Simply click on channels followed by clicking on loyalty rewards, then click the email/ name/ contact number you wish to edit and click finally on save icon.


Offers & Promotions

Sending a text is a two step process. Create a customer base of your website visitors, online ordering visitors and also restaurant visitors.

  1. Go on the NGAZE platform > Channels> Text messaging, click on the + sign which denotes New, write the message and simply schedule. You will have the list option of reaching out to Online ordering customers, loyalty user. Make sure you are sending a text to only those who have accepted the GDPR. 

Sending an Email is a two step process. 

  1. Create a customer base of your website visitors, online ordering visitors and also restaurant visitors. 
  2. Go on the NGAZE platform > Channels> Email Campaign, click on the + sign, create the mail by choosing the existing templates and add the content, graphics and simply schedule. You will have the list option of reaching out to online ordering customers, loyalty user, or entire base. Make sure you are sending a text to only those who have accepted the GDPR. 

Go on the NGAZE platform > Channels> Google post, click on the + sign and select the offer to be promoted and add the content, graphics and mention the date and time of schedule. Google posts are visible for about a week once they are added so you can schedule them before.

Yes, we share a detailed report of the activities done during the month and also share the growth pattern.

By using our catering component, you can set up separate parameters for a service charge or delivery charges. Catering menus and items are automatically kept separate to eliminate confusion for the customer and at the restaurant.

Sending push messaging is a two step process. You can create a customer base of your website visitors, online ordering visitors and also restaurant visitors. Push notifications can be delivered to the device, mobile or desktop, even when the user is not on your website. These notifications can only be sent to users who have opted-in to receive these notifications. Web push notifications or browser notifications are supported by Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari. 

  1. Go on the NGAZE platform > Channels> Push messaging, click on the + sign which denotes New, write the message and simply schedule. You have the option of sending message related to offer, event or segment of the user. Make sure you are sending a text to only those who have accepted the GDPR. 

Emojis in SMS messages are not supported.

Yes, you can do so. We have a few formats designed, you can select new and select an email format stored on the platform or can use your own format. The email template gives you an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface for creating and formatting your campaign. You can customize to create visually stunning campaigns. Every aspect of these templates can be modified to create the exact look and feel you want. You can insert content blocks into your campaign and customize them to create your layout.

Yes, you can send a test campaign before publishing! On the platform simply go on >New email campaign > select recipients > test email list. This will allow you to see how the email looks in a specific recipient's email client. You can also use this method with multiple team members to see how this email looks in different email clients and devices. This test is useful to do a final, quick review of content and to make sure all links and buttons are taking you to the correct destination when clicked.

Unfortunately, there isn't a way to see if your email landed in a specific contact's inbox or SPAM folder after it was delivered. Once an email is sent, it's up to the contact's email service provider to sort the email accordingly. However, if you maintain a healthy list of contacts, send timely and relevant content, and encourage engagement, good deliverability will follow.

Please note the following tips to ensure successful SMS delivery.

  • Keep your message as short as possible with maximum 160 character limit.
  • Avoid link shorteners such as Bit.ly. As link shortening service is often used by spammers and can be blocked. Instead, we recommend using the full URL.
  • Phone numbers with proper formatting.
    • A "+" sign
    • International Country Calling code
    • Local Area code
    • Local phone number

For example, if you have a contact located in Australia, you would format their phone number to be:

+61 123 456 789

That depends on how you obtained your list when they gave you their email address.

  • Contacts who signed up using a subscription form on my website. 
    Yes. If you have a subscription form on your website, which clearly states “fill out this form to sign up to our email newsletter,” and are aware that they are signing up to an email list, this is definitely an opt-in list.
  • Customers who checked a box saying “please add me to your email list” when submitting form on website.
    Yes. Any customers of yours who submit a form on your website are considered opted-in. However, it must be explicitly stated that they are agreeing to receive a newsletter and/or email marketing campaigns from you. It is also best to send a follow-up confirmation email to ensure they qualify as “double opt-in” when using this method, to be absolutely sure they did not check that box by accident.

Adding images to your campaigns and automation emails can help you build your brand and engage with your customers. They can be used to advertise a product or be used as a call-to-action. You can upload files from computer to media gallery. Login to platform. Go to Manage > Media Gallery > Upload files