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How does the loyalty rewards program work?

Read the rewards program guide to learn about how to checkin, earn rewards and redeem rewards. There are 2 versions – Mobile Loyalty and Tablet Loyalty. See the guide to learn more. 

What are the features of rewards program?

The TDR Loyalty rewards program is a versatile rewards program for restaurants comprising of Customer rewards Birthday rewards Email marketing Text messaging It comes in 2 versions: Tablet version Mobile version To learn more about the rewards program, read the Rewards Program Guide.

How customer earn rewards?

The customer earns rewards 2 ways: Checking in on the tablet – no code is necessary Checking in on the mobile app with a checkin code Once the number of required checkins are met, the earned reward shows in the “Your Earned Rewards” section and is ready to be redeemed.   To learn more about […]

How customer can see the rewards earned?

Customer can see the rewards earned so far by checking in on the rewards tablet or mobile app (with a valid checkin code). After checking in the screen shows a rewards summary in the “Your Earned Rewards” section.   To learn more about the rewards program, read the Rewards Program Guide.

How can customer redeem rewards?

Customer can redeem rewards on the rewards tablet or mobile app. Here are the steps: Check in the tablet or mobile app (with a checkin code). After checking in, the rewards summary is shown in the “Your Earned Rewards” section. For each earned rewards, there is a Redeem link on the right. Click on the […]

How to edit customer profile?

On the NGAZE marketing platform: You can update a customer’s name, email address, name. contact number from their contact profile page. Click on Services > Loyalty rewards. Search for the customer either by name, email or phone number. Click the customer email link you wish to edit. You will see the Customer details page. Click […]

What happens when customer signs up?

Tablet Signup: When a customer signs up for rewards program on the tablet by checking in for the 1st time, a customer record is created in the loyalty rewards system using the name, phone number and email address. Website Signup: If the customer signs up on the website using the required email and phone number […]

How to setup the tablet?

Here are the steps to setting up the Loyalty Rewards tablet: Purchase an android tablet. We recommend the Galaxy Tab A 8″ inch tablet. Purchase a tablet stand to hold the tablet securely. Download the Loyalty Rewards app from the Google Play store. Google play app link: [By the system administrator only. Contact support […]

How to setup the signup page on restaurant website?

You will need the embed code for installing the rewards program signup form on website.   [By the system administrator only. Contact support team] Setup restaurant rewards account on NGAZE marketing platform. Go to Admin > Configuration > Loyalty Rewards. [By the system administrator only. Contact support team] Get the Subscriber Form Snippet. It looks […]

What version of loyalty program should I use for my restaurant?

We offer 2 versions of loyalty program: – Mobile Loyalty program – Tablet Loyalty program You can choose mobile loyalty, tablet loyalty or both for your business. Here are some considerations: – Younger people who carry smartphones tend to prefer mobile loyalty programs. – Elderly people who may not tend to use a lot of […]