Category: Marketing Platform

How to do Google posting from the platform?

The steps involved in enabling your restaurant’s Google posting channel are as follows: To start, we’ll need to list your restaurant on Google my business listing, If it’s already listed then you have to give us access for integration.  Once the channel is active, log in to the platform and click on Channels> Google posts.  […]

How do I sign up on the NGAZE marketing platform?

We offer dedicated customer support via email, no matter what your package is. We can also schedule a phone call or email us The first step to register your restaurant on the NGAZE marketing platform is by clicking on or visit our website and click on the button that says “signup”. First, type the […]

How to do Push messaging from the platform ?

The steps involved in enabling your restaurant’s push messaging channel are as follows:  Provide us with the URL of your website, along with the username and password to login to the website. This will enable us to integrate and activate the push messaging channel.  Once the channel is active, log in to the platform and […]

How do I connect my Facebook business page?

One of the first steps is to connect your restaurant’s Facebook page to marketing platform to be able to schedule posts and see analytics. Here are the steps: Send us the URL of your Facebook business page. We will initiate a request for agency access to your Facebook page. You will see a notification on your […]

How do I login to the marketing platform?

Visit Login using your email address and password. If you have forgotten your password, click on “Lost your password?”. You will receive an email with password reset instructions.