Category: Support Portal

How does “Emergency Update” request work?

An Emergency update is a business “critical” update required in the system. Critical updates could be website downtime, menu price discrepancy or similar that need immediate attention. We allow for 1 emergency update for our clients. Our support team generally responds within 24-48 hours.

What are scheduled monthly updates?

We perform scheduled monthly updates for our clients at the end of each month. Updates are performed on website, menu items and pricing, online ordering, marketing calendar, promotions and anything related to the restaurant marketing setup. All update requests received by the last day of each month is automatically scheduled for update by our support […]

How do I send support requests to the TDR team?

We recommend the best way to send the TDR support team is by creating a support ticket on this portal. The other option is sending an email to support, but there is a time delay in getting the email registered to our support portal.

I am first-time here, how to use this website?

First-time users, need to register at the support portal. Use a valid email and password to register. Once you register, you will be able to submit a new support ticket and check on your ticket status.